Kealan turns 3 – the party post

I try to tie in birthday party themes to the main present. So this year Kealan was getting a shop so I chose a christmas sweet shop and got to work. My inspiration came from the amazingly talented Amanda Parker at Amanda’s parties to go.

I knew his little toy shop def wasn’t gonna be enough to entertain the 10-15 kids that would attend. In the end we had a grocery store, a cafe and a sweet shop. The grocery store and the cafe had bought and made toy food and the sweet shop had real sweets and lollies.

I made all the cafe food using felt, polystyrene and salt dough.



Mum is now the official cake expert and created this masterpiece. It was gorgeous and huge with 80 candy canes around the outside.


Some extra effort was put in to make the tree match, the cups were decorated, each child was given gold coins to use at the shops, i dressed the chairs with covers and red sashes and made giant balloon lollipops.



Our family of course including mum, Lisa with Oscar, Geraldine and John with Jamie, harry, eoin and Tara, Arlene with Darragh and aoife, Magdelena with Tobi and lilou, Mary with bronagh and Sean and Freda with Alfie and Lucy.


We were very lucky to have a very special guest at our party. We redecorated the living room and set it up for his arrival and each family went home with gifts from the main man and some wonderful pics.


From Hubbie and i he got the toy shop, melissa and Doug wooden play food, cans, birthday cake, a coffee machine, 3 rescue bots and a battery operated quad.

From nanny he got a wooden shopping trolley, more melissa and Doug food and a wooden till.

From Oscar he got a minion punch bag and melissa and Doug animal stamps and from Alfie and Lucy he got a paw patrol scooter.

From Jamie, eoin and harry he got a beautiful m&s outfit and foam dart guns. From Tobi and lilou he got pj’s, choc and a wooly hat. From Darragh and aoife he got a fleece onesie.  From bronagh and Sean he got a gift card for early learning centre and I had great fun spending it on more gorgeous wooden toys.  From Amy a wooden train set and from Kirsty a car transporter filled with cars. Mark got a melissa and Doug shape puzzle.

So a massively spoilt little boy, thank you so much my lovely friends and family.

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