Blog two

So……I don’t know anything about computers and less about websites or blogging. In fact I’m not even very clued in on how to use facebook and six year olds can use facebook!! So this is blog number 2 after I filled blog one with only 55 posts. I was not aware that I should reduce the size of my photos before adding them to posts. Oops. So after celebrating having stuck by my journal style blog every week for over a year it ground to a halt 7 weeks ago when my allowed data limit was reached. But if any readers would like to look back to my first year of blogging here’s the link – allbirdsareducks.

At 18 months, my now 3 year old, was adamant that all birds were ducks hence the title and until recently my 20 months old was as equally adamant that all birds were owls so the name of my second blog was obvious.

The aim is to follow on my weekly journal blog here (with smaller pictures).  It’s contains mostly mundane information about how I spent the previous week with my tots and is likely to be of very little interest to anyone other than myself and some close friends and family so it you’ve drifted here trying to find unique thoughts or help and advice this is probably not the place.  However, I do put quite a lot of effort in to my kids birthday parties, regular themed play dates, tot school work, their toys and rooms (bedrooms, playroom and school room) so in amongst the drivel there may be some stuff of interest to others so I do plan to extract that and create a separate, more interesting blog. All I need is an extra 5 hours a day and it’ll be perfect.

So here are my beautiful babies and some catch up posts from that last few wonderful weeks.

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