Christmas 2015

Our Christmas began with Christmas Eve at mum and dads and the first of the presents.

Kealan got a Melissa and Doug doorbell house, two Paw Patrol cuddlies, wooden firemen and accessories, wooden dinosaur park, a metal digger and truck and the most poplar of all, a Paw Patrol chase car.  He was so thrilled with this that all else was pretty much ignored and he wouldnt even eat his dinner!

Elyse got dolls house furniture, a wooden safari playset, my little ponys, a baby annabel and a mamas and papas rocking horse. She played with the dolls and furniture most but also rocked her horse so hard she almost tipped it over.

Amy was also given ireland rugby tickets and gift cards for starbucks and new look.  We ate an amazing meal and left with spoilt and excited children.

When we got home the Christmas Eve boxes were opened and the reindeer food was put out in the front garden.  Elyse was very excited about her Peppa Pig PJ’s.

We watched the Minions movie and then took them off to bed once milk and cookies were left for Santa.

And then there were presents!

Kealan and Elyse both tore into their gifts – Kealan wasnt thrilled with many of my more educational choices but thankfully loved his main gift, a kidkraft fire and police station. He also received a kidkraft castle, a thomas bike, books, puzzles, games, stamps and a pirate chest.

Elyse took more time over her presents, wanting to play with everything.  When she had most things open she still hadnt made it to the dolls house and when we pointed it out she said “wow” and was straight over. It was very funny and a word i didnt even know she could use correctly.  She also received a bike, stables, two story boxes (Dear Zoo and Guess how much i love you) filled with cuddly toys, books and puzzles, Melissa and doug stacking blocks, puzzles, and horse trailer, duplo, plastic sea animals and her annual ragdoll of course.

And a new tradition was began.  The joint gifts.  This year I gathered a huge amount of Gruffalo items – all the cuddly toys, books, a costume, memory game, jigsaws and even a croquet set and it only seemed right that these items would be for both of them.  I had also bought a pirate ship and accessories that i did a lot of restoration on which i added to the joint gift pile. (Further posts on the pirate ship, dolls house and stables projects will be completed and linked here soon).


Mark arrived with Melissa and Doug farm and castles for them and received some silly gifts to help entertain him and his housemates – a football table, drinking games and inflatable boxing gloves which proved popular.

This was my most casual christmas in terms of the food and i didnt actually start cooking untill 11.30am! But lunch was served at 1.30 and there were no complaints so it must have been ok.  Turned out though that plastic champagne flutes left over from my wedding and filled with schloer were the most exciting bit for Kealan and Elyse.  They also seemed to like to love the sips of my wine they demanded.  Oh dear!

In the evening there was more dressing up fun but tired and quite grumpy tots.  A lovely day overall though and over too quick.



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