Christmas 2015 play date

With my every spare minute consumed with kealans birthday prep and finishing making Christmas presents there hasn’t been anytime for tot school or Christmas craft activities. So same as last year I invited everyone round for some glittery fun (although very minimal pics as I was too busy!) We had Lisa with Oscar, Emma with Isaac and aoife, Freda with Alfie and Lucy, Arlene with Darragh and aoife, Magdelena with Tobi and lilou and Kealan and Elyse with much needed assistance from Amy.

We started out painting some paper plate Christmas trees I prepared the night before. Elyse did great with this as did the older kids.  

Next we made the reindeer food. They had porridge oats, orange lentils, raisins, rudolf noses (small red polystyrene balls), 3 colours of glitter, cinnamon and a special ‘magic’ bottle of sparkle that I told them santa had left here when he visited them at kealans birthday party. We then scooped their special mixtures into piping bags and they chose the colour of pipe cleaner and pompom they wanted which i hot glued on to make reindeers.


Next we made bells using paper cups which the kids decorated with stickers and ribbons. I then glued on a lollipop handle and jingle bells. These were a big hit.   

 Wonderfully the other mummies had brought various food with them and we had a little party lunch. Lastly we got glitter happy and decorated the now dry Christmas trees.   



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