Pirate play date – Jan 2016

One of my hopes for the new year is to host more regular themed play dates with my friends. I’m also hoping to combine them with some tot school work with both Kealan (just turned 3) and Elyse (21 months).

After a few weeks playing pirates it seemed like an obvious choice. So pirate week began with the play table and art wall prepared. 

During the week we worked through this amazing Pirate preschool pack

Kealan did very well with ‘which one is different’ and finding the letter p. Elyse was able to complete the matching and shadow matching with ease.

They painted pirate shapes and I turned their hand prints into pirates.   


And we had a pirate bath which included hook sponges, eye patches, new pirate toothbrushes, our pirate crew, gold coins, sea creatures and compasses. They loved it and refused to get out.   

 And we had a combined tot school session with friend Amelie. Whilst it was challenging with the little ones there it was clear that both Kealan and Amelie were more engaged than the would have been on their own. They worked on the tot pack and made parrots.   

Play date day was saturday. I had 6 preschoolers, 4 toddlers, 2 babies and 5 mums round for the madness.

I built a pirate ship from a large shallow box and smaller fold out cardboard ship we had. I attached a mast and our pirate flag.  Some desert island backdrop added to the effect.   

The table area was decorated and set up for our first activity and because there were so many kids there was second table too.


Each child had a small wooden pirate chest to paint.

These were left to dry and then we had a snack.   

Next we moved on to the main activity – sensory, small world play. We had two worlds – desert island and icy sea. I hid coins and plastic gems in the sand and froze some in blocks of ice. The kids were meant to find the treasure but really they just messed. They had a great time.   

  Decorating pirate hats was next.   

 With, mostly, dry treasure chests the kids returned to the table and got a selection of stickers to decorate them. Kealan really enjoyed this. And then I shared my treasure with them.   

Lastly, each child left with a little party bag.   

 So our first play date of 2016 went well. The mess was incredible but worth it.   



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