Amy turns 14 – The Party Post

I was very flattered when my eldest stated that she did not want to have any influence over her party.  She put it all in my hands which was great until i realised that a theme for a bunch of teenage girls wasnt going to be so easy.  We’ve already covered her favourite things over the previous years – spa day and chocolate theme.

After some deliberation i decided that since my girl loves school that would be a good start. And so ‘Amy Academy’ was born.  I organised mum to make the cake as usual, had a personalised cake topper ordered and bought some streamers….and then my hubbie was taken ill and ended up in hospital for a fortnight.  I was left with my tots 24/7, daily trips to the hospital and many sleepless nights. So what’s below was very much thrown together at the last minute by a very stressed mummy.  And to make matters worse poor Kealan took very ill the hour before the party (the same hour that i had to actually create the party from scratch) holding his head, screaming in pain and then worryingly fell asleep.  I let him rest and started the party but an hour later i was rushing my tot to the GP, he was almost unconscious and vomiting.  (Thankfully, it seemed to be just a typical viral infection and he was much better the following morning).

The 6 girls were warned they would be taking part in a series of activities (very loosely) based on their subjects and they split themselves into two competing teams based on their school houses – Dunbar and Mccrozier.  And so the timetable at Amy Academy began.

ART –  The girls were presented with paint and a canvas each and were tasked with painting the birthday girl in 10 minutes.  Only catch was they had to use their fingers. The results were…scary.

The paintings were judged by mum who could offer an unbiased opinion (she had been looking after kealan and elyse and missed the artists at work).  Points were assigned to each and then assigned to the corresponding team.

MUSIC – the next round was simple.  I played the first 5 seconds of songs from the current UK top 50 and they had to name the song within their teams.  Worryingly my daughter knew all but one (too much free time).

HOME ECONOMICS – taste test.  5 flavours of baby food (rice pudding, spag bol, banana custard, carrots and cheesy spinach bake).  They got 1 point if each team member tasted, 2 point for getting it correct and 1 for being close.  They struggled!  Absolutely hilarious.

CHEMISTRY – (they had been studying states of matter if you’re wondering about the link). Very simple – tub of ice water with marbles in it.  Teams had to lift out the marbles with their toes.  Team with the most marbles won.  As you can see little Elyse was totally bemused.

LUNCH BREAK – while i was at the doctors with Kealan the girls enjoyed Dominos (well what Elyse left them!

It then became non-uniform day – the need to dress up (and pose) took over!

HISTORY – it was the who am i game using historical figures from their studies.  They had 10 questions and their team mates could only answer yes or no.  They struggled under the pressure but it was another very enjoyable round.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION – pop the other teams balloons.


So Helene, Ellen and Katrina won…absolutely nothing but everyone had a great time and it was wonderful to see my girl and all her friends laughing and smiling.

We finished with the beautiful cake mum had made.

Party bags were kept on theme with a folder, notebook and a pencil case filled with candy pencils.IMG_0472

Massive thank you to my mum who was an amazing support on a very stressful day and also to the wonderful girls who attended the party and greeted every challenge with enthusiasm.

Happy birthday baby girl, love you, Mum.


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