Valentine play date – Feb 2016

On the run up to our valentines play date the kitchen was decorated with hearts in red and pink.


We worked through two printable packs:- Preschool pack and do a dot pack.  Elyse is now 22 months and had her first experiences with dot markers this week. She loved them (to be fair she loves everything except getting her nappy changed and wearing anything other than her peppa pig onesie).

Kealan sat up and participated too but with his usual lack of enthusiasm. He can find letters in the letter grid and is good at the ‘which one is different’ exercises but still hasn’t much of a clue how to colour in. He seems to find it hard to take care with his work but I do find that he can do it and does enjoy it as long as it’s only in small amounts.

I hadn’t made PLAYDOUGH in quite a while. Kealan wasn’t interested and Elyse was too little. Plus the salt really hurt my already cracked and sore hands during the winter time. But they had started to play with it at mother and toddlers so I thought I’d give it another go. They loved it and played with it at least twice every day this week. Even daddy got involved!

Combine 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 20g of cream of tartar and 1 and a half cups of boiling water. Mix and knead. I use Wilton food colouring (as the supermarkets stuff is rubbish) and simply add it when kneading the dough.

We used some playdough mats as well which they were very proud to complete.

These megabloks puzzles were quite time consuming to make but didn’t get much use. They were actually quite hard because the red and pink pictures were all quite similar.

As Kealan really enjoyed painting and decorating his wooden pirate chest I bought these little wooden heart boxes which they painted but didn’t decorate until the end of the week. While the paint was out we also made some hand print hearts for our art wall.

We made button hearts, sticky hearts and valentines buns.

Water play with plastic hearts, water beads and scatter crystals.

We even had our breakfast fruit in a heart (I’m inspired to do more of this – Kealan ate most of the apple and he isn’t a fruit lover).

Their valentines bath was a big hit. ‘Special baths’ as they’ve become known lead to massive excitement and nuddie babies running around the house squealing to get in. I painted the tiles and added pink food colouring to the water. I’d bought red ketchup bottles which we filled with water and they used to squirt eachother. There were plastic heart gems to decorate and felt hearts and rose petals in the water.

Kealan came home from his afternoon at pre preschool with a lovely card for mummy and daddy. He still screams when I leave him and demands a a present when I collect him (never do something once unless your willing to do it everytime!) but overall he’s doing great. He stays the full 2.5 hrs and calms quite quickly after I go. I can’t imagine he’ll separate easily from me for many years to come so I know how hard he finds it. He gets so excited when I return and leaps into my arms kissing me repeatedly saying “I love you so much mummy, you are my wee sweetheart” much to the laughter of the nursery assistants. Of course I love it but I do hope my little man can make friends easier than I did and whilst I know he’ll never be like his wee friends I will continue to socialise him as much as possible.



So after much work and even more thought our valentines play date welcomed 12 kids and 7 mums. This posed a problem as my table only holds 6 so we split into two groups for some of the activities. It was extra special this month as we also celebrated little aoifes 2nd birthday.

Our first activity was a repeat of last years valentines play date – Rice Krispie hearts. I provided cereal, four types of sprinkles and mini marshmallows for the kids to scoop and mix while I melted butter and marshmallows. Once they were ready a poured on some of the melted mixture and the stirred and added to heart shape moulds. These were left to set and turned out beautifully.

For the next activity I made 3 batches of PLAYDOUGH – purple, dark pink and light pink. On the table were heart cookie cutters, valentines bun cases, heart cupcake flags, red and pink glitter. I explained to the kids that I wanted to open a cake shop for Valentine’s Day and showed them two example cakes I’d made. I asked them for their help to make lots more cakes for me to sell. Look at these creations!! Brilliant.

The next activity was the messy play.  I prepared 4 containers:- red rice with LOVE letters and rose petals, moon sand (8 cups flour, 1 cup baby oil) with scatter crystals, heart sticks and lots of glitter, gelli play with plastic hearts and heart confetti and water containing heart ice cubes, water beads and plastic hearts.  I gave the kids some scoops and cups and they got stuck in.

While they played i set up the food table.  Aoifes’ mummy provided the food and our resident cake baker, mum, created another masterpiece.

Lastly little Aoife got to blow out her birthday candles.




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