Easter Play Date – March 2016

I welcomed 13 children to my Easter play date this year aged between 3 months and 4 years.

The kitchen/playroom was extensively decorated, not all entirely tastefully but i try not to get too fussy about Easter, its colourful and fun and the kids love it.

We began with a story. My previous going on a bear hunt play date was really fun so when I discovered we’re going on an egg hunt book I was thrilled. And not only is the story great but there are flaps to open and find the eggs behind. Kealan and elyse love this book and it was a huge hit at the party too.  

 And of course it was only fair we then had our egg hunt. With kids of varying ages and indoors the only real option I used a large box filled with ball pool plastic balls to hide the plastic eggs for the 4 older children. The little kids just had to look around the room under tables and chairs. The plastic eggs and carrots were filled with chocolates, marshmallows, finger puppets and tattoos. It went so much better than expected and not one kid was greedy. They all found a decent amount and sat up happily with their finds.

 Next we used sticky Easter shapes to make pictures. Both tables were provided strips of ribbon, feathers, sequins and grass to get artistic with.

Not many pictures of the next activity due to a slight disaster with the melting of the chocolate. But we got there in the end. Shredded wheat nests filled with mini eggs. Yum. 

For our last activity each child was given a plain Easter bonnet and an array of ribbon, stickers, flowers and wooden embellishments to decorate as they wished. 

And then there was food of course. Wonderfully provided by each mummy and another gorgeous cake made by mum. 

So, everyone had a good time and went home laden with their Easter crafts and a bunny money box party gift. (well almost everyone – when asked did he have a good time, kealan replied “no”. And when elyse was asked what she had enjoyed she said “kippies (crisps)”. Fabulous.

Lastly, a massive thank you to mummy friend Maeve who provided many of the resources and also much help on the day. And my constantly tortured daughter Amy who offered a lot of assistance and took great care of baby Cora during the party.

2 thoughts on “Easter Play Date – March 2016

  1. Another fab play date, where do you get the energy! !! Shame we couldn’t make it, Easter’s always crazy for us for some reason!


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