Elyse turns 2 – the party post

The week after Christmas the planning for elyses second birthday began. I knew already that her presents would be dressing up oreintated so a princess theme emerged. During a Pinterest search I saw a few examples of large cardboard castles for the children to play in and I knew I wanted one! However, with so many little ones I didn’t think cardboard was the way to go. Hubbie took a couple of days off work and we used mdf and 2×1 inch timber to construct our castle in four sections. We stored them in the garage so that kealan and Elyse wouldn’t see them and in the evenings when they went to bed I brought in a section for painting and marking out. I have to admit I’m usually quite critical of the things I make or do but I was thrilled with how it turned out.

The rest of the prep time was devoted to sourcing fabric, gold and pink accessories, printing and cutting out images and buying and making the 15 costumes.

The boys each received a Knights tunic (which were made from a red blanket), a foam sword and shield. The girls each received a Melissa and Doug tutu, tiara and princess shoes. The two babies had sleep suits which said “I’ll be your Prince Charming” and “the cutest little princess”.  These were hung on the dressing up rail Elyse received for her birthday and placed in the living room so all the guests could be dressed for the part before entering the castle downstairs.  The kids looked wonderful and it was a real joy to see all my hard work coming together.

Of course there was much excitement and sword fighting throughout the party but we had a few activities as well. There were plastic goblets to stick jewels on to, pink and blue crowns to add stickers to (many of these were given to the mums to wear) and crown shaped hand mirror to paint with gold paint.

The lunch – I had purchased the kids table and chairs last month with this party in mind. We now have 3 tables and 13 chairs so hopefully we will be able to seat all kids at our get togethers. The two circular tables were dressed with gold table cloths with pink and gold balloons and the head table was dressed in pink with a gold sequin fabric capital E and gold table runner. Each child was given a food box containing sandwiches, cheese, yogurt and crisps. Glass milk bottles were filled with fizzy juice and pink straws.

The desert table – more gold sequin fabric was used on the table and behind the table a board covered in gold wall paper and large wooded letter E. On the table were the letters TWO painted and glittered to match the theme, roses, glass jars decorated with ribbon and glitter contained pink popcorn, marshmallows and angel delight. I made cupcakes with mini tiaras on top and cake pops with princess wands. The castle cake was made by my mum and was truly magnificent. It had 3 separate tiers with 3 flavours. I added happy birthday candles to the top tier and then some indoor fireworks which were brilliant.

The guests

Hubbie, Amy, Kealan, Nanny and I were there of course.

And we welcomed Lisa with Oscar, Maeve with Amelie, Patrick and Cora , Freda with Alfie and Lucy, Mary with Bronagh, Sean and Niall, Arlene with Darragh and Aoife and Magdelena with Tobi and Lilou.

The party favours and guest book

Of course each child had their outfit to bring home but it didn’t feel right not giving something as they left so I filled little gold pillow boxes with jelly tots for the kids and the mums got a Ferraro Roche.

The gifts

Elyse had received her presents from us on her birthday a few days previously. She received a dressing up rail, a spider girl costume, a Melissa and Doug princess doll, Melissa and Doug dressing up shoes, animal stamps, princess stamp, minion colouring in, Melissa and Doug princess Elise magnetic dress up, minion jigsaw and a baby born doll. From Amy 2 princess puzzles and a princes book. From nanny a peppa pig jigsaw, a princess dress, melissa and Doug tutus, Melissa and Doug princess block puzzle, Melissa and Doug princess, prince, dragon and knight puppets and a minion. From Kirsty a dressing up costume and peppa pig pyjamas. From mark Kinetic sand. From Geraldine an elsa costume and 3 frozen books. From Melanie a batgirl costume, a set of jigsaws and a hand made poncho. From Yvonne £20. From drew 2 minion jigsaws, a minion lunch box and a minion money box.

And from our party guests – Alfie and Lucy a baby doll, darragh and aoife a summer jacket, Oscar a nursery rhyme jigsaw and a frozen book, Amelie, Patrick and Cora a minion dressing up costume, Mary a toyshop voucher and Tobi and lilou a goldilocks dressing up costume.

The thank yous.

Firstly thank you to my long suffering husband who assists me with my more challenging ideas and tolerates the state of our bedroom (where all is stored) in the run up to parties and play dates. To my mum for the huge amount of effort and time she spends on creating the perfect cake, for sewing assistance and for looking after kealan and Elyse while I get things ready. To Amy who gets all the rubbish jobs like cleaning the bathroom and being my fetcher. To Maeve for coming round the night before the party because I told her it would be fun and then I got her to scrub my floor and iron! Great fun. And lastly to our amazing photographer Tich Liddy, who captured so many wonderful images for us and our friends to cherish for ever. He was brilliant with the kids and like every wonderful cameraman he went almost unnoticed throughout! Thank you, thank you, thank you wonderful friends and family. And happy birthday baby girl. Xxxx

One thought on “Elyse turns 2 – the party post

  1. Amazing castle, amazing food and everyone had an amazing time. Well done you. You have so many brilliant ideas and the skill and persistence to bring them altogether to create yet another successful party. Lovely to have so many photos of friends enjoying themselves. An event to be remembered. XX


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