Toddler book club – Dear Zoo

With our main play date each month quite busy I wanted to try a simpler, more educational style with a toddler book club. These play dates will be with the younger children (who are not a preschool) and focus on colours, shapes, size, sequencing, fine and gross motor skills.

Our first topic was Dear Zoo. We started with the story during which each child was given a cuddly toy of one of the animals. Next we watched a few nursery rhyme videos from YouTube – 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow and 5 little speckled frogs.P1020772

We moved to the playroom for messy play with a small world zoo with green rice and wood shavings. This led to much mess and lots of giggles. Above the small world was a display board with images used from Teachers pay teachers.

P1020718 copy P1020709 copy P1020726 P1020776 copy P1020777 P1020779

For our next activity I had placed lots of the animals around the room and each child had to find all of the same animal they had been given when I read the story. The mums were then encouraged to help them sort their collection by size and talk about their various properties (colour and how they feel).

Lastly the children were asked to find the image of their animal which was stuck around the room and then use the story board to see what the zoo cage for their animal looked like.  They were then able to find where it was in the room to match them up.

We finished with a light lunch of fruit, crackers, crisps and cake of course.

P1020706 copy P1020729


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