Toddler book club – Very Hungry Caterpillar

Kealan is 3.5 years and Elyse is 27 months.

For my last toddler book club before the summer break we had 6 tots.  We began by watching the Very Hungry Caterpillar (VHC) on the TV which always seems to work better than when i try to read the story.  They all watched intently.

I used some simple sequencing cut outs to demonstrate how to tell the story in small sections and then i gave out the bags of story stones i had made.  Each bag contained 12 stones on to which attached the following images:- moon, sun, caterpillar, apple, pear, plum, strawberry, orange, leaf, fat caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly.  As the kids were all quite little we used this as a vocabulary builder more so than a sequencing activity, i.e. we said “can you find the sun” and then showed them how to place them in a row.  Elyse is awesome at this activity but kealan was more keen to mess about.

We moved to the playroom for our sensory play activity.  I’d filled one of our tuff spot tray with porridge oats that id dyed with the VHC colours.  I added a cuddly VHC, a large plastic butterfly, plastic eggs filled with caterpillars, leaves and as many of the foods from the story that i could find.  I added the usual bowls and scoops.  They loved this.  After the initial investigations i got out a VHC puppet and asked each child to find the caterpillar a particular food.  Once they had found it i made the puppet pretend to eat it from their hand which they all thought was funny.  Needless to say elyse did her usual and climbed in!

The next activity was a VHC branded reusuable sticker scene that i got for each child to play with and bring home.  There was a moderate amount of interest from the kids but the mummies loved them.

After the success of our Incy Wincy playdough activity i decided to repeat it with red and green playdough, googly eyes and cut up pipe cleaners.  Elyse was deep in concentration whilst making her caterpillar.  I helped her with the initial shape but she selected the two purple antenna herself and placed them in position.  She also added legs and then decided to morph it into a cocoon and then into a butterfly.  Meanwhile, kealan made a rescue bot!

After the activities we had our usual little lunch and cake (another gorgeous creation by mum).  I really enjoyed this play date and with all the chat, before and after, i know Kealan and Elyse learned loads.  We’ll have a wee break now, whilst the bigger kids are off school, but toddler book club will return again in September.



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