Vet and pet fortnight

With the end of the school term and some recent developments with kealans imaginatory play I decided to steer my efforts in a new direction. Instead of our monthly play date I decided to turn our playroom into a role play area. Kealan is really starting to play and has become very creative with his ideas. Unfortunately I find shooting an imaginary gun and transforming into a rescue bot about as much fun as a trip to the dentist. Hence, imaginary play with a bit more structure…

I chose vets and pets as our first topic and set up an adopt a pet centre complete with snakes, lizard, turtles, frog, birds, rabbits, dogs and fish.   

A pet shop complete with food for each animal (different shapes of dog biscuits, Cheerios, cut up tissue paper for fish food and bird seed). I was to spend the next ten days picking this food up off the floor – it was played with a lot! Collars, leads, sticks, bowls, toys and brushes.  

The vets had a waiting area, costumes, vets table, X-ray wall and the book rack was filled with pet books.   

Still in pjs they got stuck in. The animals were to see many examinations, plasters and lots of food over the following days. We also had some friends drop in to play vets too which was lovely.

 The printables I used for the role play area and for the table work were purchased from teachers pay teachers. Elyse loved this work but most of it was too easy for Kealan.   

 We made paper plate snakes and Elyse made a turtle. And some pet colouring.  

Kealan enjoyed making the pet pictures from our Melissa and Doug shape set and for the first time he seemed to know enough of his letters to work on the alphabet matching. This week he seems to know – e, g, k, m, o, p, q, s, v, w and z. He knows about two thirds of the letter sounds. Elyse knows about the same.

 Other things we did:-

We had fun at the brand new park opened in town.   
 We made buns.  

Kealan has his last day a playgroup. He’s gonna miss Sarah the most.   

 Oscar and Kealan managed some unsupervised sensory play. Oh dear.   

And so did Elyse (full bottle brown paint).   

We went to the farm. They loved the pony rides.   

 Elyse had a puzzle marathon.  

And we had our usual gymnastic fun.   

 I feel the role play was a success for my two. It didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped when friends came round to play but it maybe requires a bit too much direction to be a group activity. I will open bear world next week and see how that one goes.

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