Our Summer 2016

So I’ve had quite a break over the summer but just for my own record here’s a few things we got up to.
19th July – trip to Bangor

We took our annual trip to pickie fun park. We pedalled a swan boat, rode the miniature train, went to the funfair and drove the bumper cars.
Our mud kitchen

A huge hit with the messers.

Apple focus

We didn’t do a great deal of ‘work’ over the summer but there was a small unit on apples. We painted rock apples, made Lego apples, Kealan managed a respectable letter A and did amazingly with matching the first letter sound apples with the right letter basket.

6th August – Peter Pan at the park

We got to meet Peter Pan, tinker bell, Captain Hook as well as Minnie and Mickie.

11th August – trip to Belfast

We took Elyse to build a bear to buy bunny a new outfit. She was so excited but finally chose a Spider-Man costume. We now have spider bunny. We had a lovely lunch and went to see finding dory at the cinema.

14th August

Kealan and Elyse managed their first painted pictures. Me and a bunny.

15th August

My excellent birthday card. My shopping trip came to and end with a frantic phone call. Elyse had come off the swing at mum and dads and badly hit her head. After falling asleep and then vomitting she was taken to hospital by ambulance. Turns out she was just over upset and no damage done.


16th August – Trip to the aquarium

Kealan and Elyse were very excited by all the fish and seeing nemo and dory of course.

19th August – wedding anniversary

Martin and i celebrated  3 years married with a meal at the greyhounds while mum turned the babies into autobots.

21st August – sensory fun

We carried on our ocean theme with a tuff tray filled with water beads, plastic sea creatures, water and rocks. This was a big hit but quite quickly the animals were removed as were their clothes. Naked sensory play in the tray was much more fun.

24th August – trip to Dublin zoo

We went with toddler group to Dublin zoo. A very, very long bus trip and very few animals seen but we had a great day. Kealan made quite a few people when he screamed “look mum, dinosaurs” when he spotted the rhinos.

28th August – superhero fun

We took a trip to a local restaurant to meet iron man, batman and super girl.  Kealan was quite intimidated but excited too.  Elyse was happier to stand with them and they both enjoyed the face painting, tattoos and bouncy castle.

So they were the highlights of our summer.  Next…Kealan starts school.

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