Mad Hatters Tea Party Play Date

In order to regroup for the new school year i tied in our new playroom (see separate post) with our first play date theme.  We had 17 children and 8 mums to play.  Mum got the role of Alice, Elyses bunny obsession continued with her as the White Rabbit , Kealan was the Mad Hatter and i was the Queen of Hearts.

I was aware that many of the children might not be aware of the Alice in Wonderland story so i began by showing some clips from YouTube of the Disney movie.  We also discussed some of the main sayings from the story (The White Rabbit – Im late, Im late/Alice – Curiouser and curiouser/The Mad Hatter – A very merry unbirthday to you/Queen of Hearts – Off with their heads).  The kids, especially mine, enjoyed this and i hope they will have an interest in reading/watching the whole story.

Next we moved to the playroom for our activities.  Focussing on  the magical drink me, eat me scene we began by painting small ceramic cupcake shaped pots.  However, what should have been a lovely task with four colours of paint to mix and paint with descended into chaos when we realised that 90% of the paint pots were dried up and unusable (despite having only just been purchased).  I found a tester pot of blue ceramic paint in the garage but it was too late to salvage the activity.  The substitute paint was messy and runny and didnt allow for much creativity.  Gutted.

Well what else could save the day – sugar!  Jam tart decorating.  This was a success.  Each child piled as much on top of their tart as possible and scoffed the lot.

For our third activity i provided each child with a plastic milk bottle labelled ‘drink me’, funnels and 4 flavours of fizzy juice.  This was an old favourite of Amys – mixing up ‘cocktails’.  I told the kids that if they were very careful they might be able to create the special shrinking ‘Drink Me’ juice especially when we added the magic (cake glitter).  We made a fuss over pretending they were shrinking and we would have to put them in Wonderland.  This was all very exciting (but this might have been due to the sugar overload).

Time for lunch.  Sandwiches, crisps, cheese and yoghurt for the kids and scones, sandwiches for the mums kindly brought by each family.  And tea of course.

And as there were now only miniature children running about we decided that cake was required to grow them back to normal size.  Another beautiful creation by Mum.


So, that concluded our playdate.  Definitely not my best event and there is a undeniable space issue that i need to figure out but it was lovely to have everyone back together.


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