Autumn week 1

Elyse is 2 years 5 month and Kealan is 3 years 9 months.

I started the week by working on some printables with Elyse.  She had her first proper go with a cutting task and she loved it.  Her accuracy was brilliant.

Next we made an autumn tree.  The wooden tree was recycled from an activity at our Gruffalo play date – May 2016 and Elyse used PVA glue to attach some fabric leaves. She needed very little direction and was thrilled to add the little toadstools when she was finished.

We went for a nature walk and gathered many different types and colours of leaves, seeds, twigs and pine cones and coincidently Kealan was doing the same thing at school.

Elyse made a wonderful hand print tree but Kealan refused as it was “too messy”.

He was up for gluing though and they needed nearly no help with these gorgeous leaf hedgehogs.

And he really enjoyed this mega autumn shadow matching activity.  They took turns and helped each other which was really nice.


On Friday Elyse and i made green and orange playdough and worked on these autumn play dough mats 1 and autumn play dough mats 2.  She enjoyed this but was more concerned about making play dough carrots for her play dough bunny (bunny obsessed).

The colour sorting went uncompleted (we’re suffering many tantrums due to a throat infection but hopefully the antibiotics will work soon and my more reasonable Elyse will return).  However, on a positive note for the first time ever she did not object to being put to bed by someone other than me which enabled Hubbie and i to have a lovely meal out to celebrate his birthday.

On Saturday morning we mixed gelatine with bird seed, scooped it into cookie cutters to make bird feeders, placed straws through them to make a hole and placed them in the fridge to set.   A messy activity and Kealan objected strongly to the smell (he objects to many smells – he stated this week that he wont play with the play dough at school because it smells like slugs.  He found it amusing when i asked him when he had been sniffing slugs to know what they smell like.)

In the afternoon we went to the Ulster Museum.  It was a brilliant venue and i wish id realised sooner.  So much to see.  We focussed most of our time on the nature level and talked about the woodland animals.  The tree was wonderful – they could climb inside, put their hands in the holes to touch things (nuts etc), there were little doors to open to find animals and they got to touch a hedgehog while singing “a hedgehog is very prickly”.

The Mummy was spectacular but somewhat lost on the little ones who were more excited by the glowing rocks and dinosaur skeletons.  Kealan did a dance in clogs and Elyse was very proud of herself when she thought she had lifted the cannon ball.

Next was a trip to the park and then out for dinner.  A lovely day and great to have Amy with us for a change.

On Sunday i removed the bird feeders from the cookie cutters and threaded some ribbon through the holes and we all went in to the garden to hang them out.

To finish the week they had their first ‘special bath’ for ages.  I added fabric leaves to the water, painted some autumn images (with some questionable rabbits, a squirrel and an owl but Elyse recognised them immediately) and gave them some orange buckets to play with.


More Autumn fun next week and prep for our upcoming Owl Babies Toddler Book Club.


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