Autumn Week 2

Monday morning Elyse requested the park on the way home from taking Kealan to school. She enjoyed the swings and slides as usual but we were very fortunate to discover a hedgehog in the leaves.  In the afternoon we had a colour orange sensory box.  Immediately Elyse removed everything except the plastic carrot and stones and stuck her bunny in the box.  However, they both enjoyed a simple memory game whereby i placed 4 items in the box, had them close their eyes while i removed one and they had to tell me which item was missing.  After a few games of that i moved on to asking them to find items based on a particular characteristic.  Eg, give me something that lives in the ocean, find me something you could eat, something circular, etc..

On Tuesday afternoon we had our regular trip to Peter Pans soft play area with Daddy and it was wonderful fun as always.

On Wednesday morning Kealan and i worked through our Autumn pack and started an owl pack.  She enjoyed the colour nests and the prewriting sheets but as ever she was more keen on drawing bunnies on the back of her worksheets.

Thursday afternoon we all made salt dough and i cut out owl, leave and pumpkin shapes.

Next we used orange, red, yellow and green playdough to make leaves for our playdough mat tree.  Kealan loved the leaf cutters.

Friday mornng, Elyse and i went to playgroup and she got to make an autumn turkey.  And in the afternoon we had our friend oscar to play and Kealan wanted to make the playdough leaves again.

Over the weekend Kealan got to bring one of the class teddy bears home to stay with us.  Travelling Tess enjoyed painting and put on a fashion show for us.

On Sunday Kealan worked on some of the Owl pack identifying first letter sounds and did quite well especially given how long it has been since we worked on them.  We finished our paper plate owls and set up our autumn table.

In the afternoon we took a trip to World of Owls.  We saw some beautiful birds and some reptiles.  The kiddies were very excited, so was i.

Another good week, especially seeing my boy go happily to school each day.  Sunday evening was spent preparing for my next toddler book club which will be my next post.


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