Toddler Book Club – Owl Babies

We had 6 under 3’s at our first toddler book club of the new term.  I began by talking to the kids about autumn and forest animals.  I then read the story Owl Babies by Martin Waddell using the props id made.

We then talked about feelings and tried to get each child to show us their happy, sad, excited and scared faces.


Next each child was given two paper plates to paint with brown paint.  They all did very well at this even the very little ones.  Later in the playdate i glued on eyes and a beak to make owls for them to bring home.

For the second activity, each child was given brown playdough, matchsticks, googly eyes and red polystyrene balls to make hedgehogs.

I emptied 13kg of bird seed in to one of our tuff trays, added bowls, scoops, brown feathers and leaves…and the fun began.

Elyse continued to play with this for the rest of the day.  Iron man and Elsa both got involved!

Lastly the kids enjoyed an owl snack and the mummies got to have a cuppa while the seeds got more interest.


Edit – oh and I forgot, each child went home with a hedgehog bag containing an owl pencil, owl rubber and a set of story stones.   



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