Pumpkin Week

With Halloween approaching i wanted to transition from our autumn themes but it felt a bit early for witches and ghosts so i chose pumpkins.

Despite having a vomiting bug Elyse got started on the printable pack on Monday morning.  She enjoyed the prewriting, which one is different and cutting practise sheets. We also coloured in, played dominoes and did some puzzles.

On Tuesday morning we started with a pumpkin theme rice sensory tray.  Mostly she just wanted to put her toys in the rice but we enjoyed scooping and putting it through the funnels.

In the afternoon we attended a local art gallery for a toddler art session.  They began by drawing circles and then they painted and printed circles.  Next they got to make circles using lavender playdough.  I was thrilled with how much they enjoyed this and Kealans willingness to participate.

On wednesday morning Elyse and i worked on more of the pumpkin pack.  We also made some prints using an apple.  In the afternoon Kealan saw the paper plate pumpkins we had made in the morning and asked to do one!

Thursday Elyse was a bit less keen than usual but was very impressive at the letter p search grid.

After school we had our regular trip to Peter Pans.

I wasn’t feeling great Friday and Saturday but by Sunday we were geared up for the start of our Halloween celebrations. Decorations up and matching outfits.

Elyse was thrilled to become a “Halloween bunny” and enjoyed the sensory tray.

Much more halloween fun next week.


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