Halloween Week

We had a super busy Halloween.  Below are some of the things we did this week. I will have a separate post about our Halloween play date soon.

(Kealan is nearly 4 and Elyse is 2.5)


Halloween rice tray – white rice, orange lentils, various halloween creatures, buckets, scoops and tongs.

Spaghetti spiders – The pictures show the initial delicate work with tongs.  They do not show the naked children flinging spaghetti at the ceiling 5 minutes later.  Much mess but quite funny.

Foam spider find – Tray, 2 cans of shaving foam, plastic spiders, buckets.  Done!  This was crazy but absolutely hilarious.  Kealan was keen to find the most spiders while Elyse just tried to stand up and failed, again and again and again.

Icy Spider Rescue – so simple.  Small plastic spiders frozen in an ice cube tray accompanied by squeezy bottles filled with hot water.  This activity was asked for again and again over the week and for once it was easy to set up with very little mess which equals very happy mummy.  It was wonderful to see them strengthening their hand muscles squeezing the bottles.



Glitter pictures

Decorating witch hats

Cotton ball ghosts

Others – painting pumpkins, Kealans paper plate ghost at school and paper plate purple spiders.



Play dough


Giant spider web obstacle – Kealan enjoyed retrieving the bean bags from the spider web but the most fun was cutting up the web with scissors.

Ghost stack, bowling and squash – No pictures of the stacking or bowling but there was much excitement about the squashing.


We worked on these a few times over the week but not many pics.


Glow bath


We had some great t-shirts this year but their costumes were stunning.  I literally had tears in my eyes when i saw them in the shop.  This was actually exactly what they asked to dress up as too.



This was set up long after they were in bed.  I had not mentioned my intention to do this to anyone.  When kealan got out of bed in the morning he asked me “have you set the breakfast up”.  I have never, ever ‘set up’ their breakfast prior to Halloween morning and when i asked my boy (who has never so much have got out of his bed let alone left his room in the night) why he was asking me that his rather freaky response was “because i am magic”.  Freakiest Halloween moment of all time.


Story telling at Kealans preschool – for my second time at Kealans school for circle time i read Winnie the Witch complete with props and a wand each for all 44 children.  We also used props to discuss what things from Halloween are real and what are not real.  It went really well and i enjoyed seeing Kealan in his school environment.

Peter Pans soft play area Halloween Party – in the most amazing costumes i could have hoped for my two Day of the Dead skeletons were the star act and won 1st prize!!  6 months free passes each.  Very happy mummy!

The Ghost of Halloween – We went to a Halloween event which was part of a childrens festival.  Set in the grounds of Narrow Water Castle we were guided through a spooky walk during which they had to protect their magical golden acorns from the nasty characters they met.  All went well until the bad witch convinced Kealan to hand over his acorn and the crowd burst into laughter and then Kealan burst in to tears.

Trick or treating – we joined friends Lisa and Oscar for trick or treating.  All three were very excited and managed walking about, climbing steps and knocking doors in the dark amazingly well.  Amazing what can be achieved for sweets!  They also loved the sparklers and snaps.

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