Halloween Play Date

Our Halloween play date group was relatively small but due to level of messy play i was somewhat relieved.

I completed the same activities i had done with Kealans preschool class. Each child picked a Halloween prop from the bowl and we discussed what it was and whether it real or not real (eg, spider versus ghost). The point being to reduce some of their anxiety around the following few days.  I then read Winnie the Witch using several props including her house, chair, bed and bath all painted black, wilbur painted the colours to match the story and of course some magic wands. The children loved shouting out abracadabra to assist Winnie with her spells.

 Next we painted pumpkins. I had used masking tape to mark out eyes, nose and mouth and added pva glue to the paint. They turned out quite well but no pictures unfortunately.

 Next the children changed to swimming costumes to enter the messy zone. I began with a bicarbonate of soda and vinegar cauldron fizz experiment. We added small glitter stars and waved the wand again to make the magic happen and once my big cauldron stopped fizzing each child got to do their own mini one. This was so much fun.

 The middle tray was filled with water beads and was the most popular tray by far. Buckets and scoops were good but climbing in was much more fun.

 The slime tray was not agreeable at all and got very little attention. Only a couple of children were even willing to touch it and when Elyse fell in to it there were a few tears and one extremely slippy toddler.

 The gelli baff paddling pool and slide was enjoyed a lot by Oscar and Kealan and almost all the kids were in at some point. 

Lastly we had a wonderful Halloween lunch accompanied by another gorgeous cake. (We learned a new trick – put the kids in the living room with Paw Patrol on while they had their food. No fighting and the mums got a very peaceful lunch in the kitchen.) 

I hope everyone had a good time at our play date, we certainly did. 

Here’s what’s else we got up to at Halloween – Halloween week post

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