Transport Week

Elyse is 2.5 and Kealan is nearly 4.

Since the playroom was redecorated i’ve found it harder to integrate our themed work each week.  But im quite proud of my new display table.  I knew i wanted some way to display flash cards etc but table top display boards are very expensive.  A flash of inspiration and 30 seconds with a jigsaw and i had chopped the legs off our easel and it worked perfectly.  The chalk tray also makes a great display area.  Some drawers i saved from an old dressing table mirror house the stationary (pens, dot markers, pencils, crayons and scissors) and our printables and books.


For transport week i displayed a transport alphabet, our vehicle sorting set, vehicle jigsaws and some toy vehicles.  Below the table i placed our larger happyland vehicles.

Printables – I loved this weeks printables from here. They were perfect level for them and I was so impressed with Kealan knowledge of his letters and first letter sounds. He’s starting to take a real interest in learning – yippee! Elyse also did great work with size and which one is different.

Scissor skills – they both really enjoyed these transports cutting practise strips.  Elyse is great with scissors for her age but Kealan was very careful and managed to cut very accurately.

I had to include these pictures – it’s Kealan doing jigsaw puzzles!! And doing them well. He has always struggled with jigsaws and therefore didn’t enjoy them but he loved doing these and came back to them a few times over the week.

Melissa and Doug reusuable transport stickers – We used these a couple of times and again Kealan put real effort into making pictures which was so great to see.

Alphabet car park – As Kealan and Elyse are now both quite good at recognising their capital letters I’m trying to introduce the lower case ones. I felt this parking challenge might have been too challenging so I wrote the lower case in the parking space with the thought I would rub them out if all went well. The activity actually did go well in that they enjoyed it and with some help parked all the cars on two occasions but Elyse had pealed off half the stickers before we got to try it with out the hints.

Painting with cars – I drew out some roads on our paper lined tuff tray and added some splodges of paint. Elyse enjoyed this more than Kealan but they both like the second stage of the activity – car wash.  Kealan was unusually diligent about cleaning the paint off each car (while Elyse gave her superheroes a bath in the bowls of water).

Name trains – I made these name trains to encourage them to learn how to spell their names. They need more practise!

Art – lastly we attempted some art. Elyse made a pretty good boat with shapes I’d cut out. Both enjoyed colouring the shapes with dot markers to use in a rocket picture.

So that was our transport week.  I feel we could have done more but i am now motivated to keep working on activities due to Kealans new found enthusiasm.


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