Christmas play date 2016

We had a very quiet Christmas play date this year with 6 kids in total. I set up 7 activities for the children to chose from:-
1) Role play – Christmas shop   

Our Christmas shop from earlier in the week. Wasn’t played with much but when we were tidying up we discovered that Amelie had used the tinsel and baubles to decorate our wooden Cheshire Cat tree, very cute.

2) Role play – Christmas dinner   

I bought this lovely wooden Christmas dinner set and added a table cloth, real crackers, paper Christmas plates and plastic champagne flutes.

3) – Arts and crafts    

Christmas colouring and Christmas shapes to decorate.

4) Play dough 

Christmas tree – Green play dough, sequins, Christmas confetti, poms poms and cut up pipe cleaners. Elyse enjoyed this of course.  

Gingerbread – gingerbread playdough, cutters, eyes and jewels to decorate.

5)  Puzzles

 Orchard games gingerbread house puzzle and Melissa and Doug Christmas tree puzzle.

6) Sensory play – reindeer food  

No picture but I set up a tuff tray with porridge oats, various sequins, glitter, raisins and red polystyrene balls (Rudolph noses). The kids scooped and mixed and then spooned into piping bags to which I added eyes, nose and pipe cleaner antlers.

7) sensory play 

Fake snow and spray snow with added tinsel, frozen figures and wooden house. This was quite popular and all the kids got involved. The spray snow created much excitement.   

Lastly we all had cake, of course!   

Mostly the kids just ran about but it was lovely and relatively stress free. Roll on Christmas morning. Merry Christmas everyone. Xxx

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