Christmas 2016

For our learning theme in December I focussed on the Gingerbread man. We did some work on matching lower and upper case letters and sizing, but not much.

Our playroom was decorated for Christmas and I changed our grocery store into a Christmas shop for pretend play.

I made gingerbread play dough and left it accessible with cookie cutters, jewels for buttons and some googly eyes. Elyse played with this a lot. One morning I read Kealan and Elyse the story and acted it out with the cuddly gingerbread man and fox. We then talked about why the gingerbread man hadn’t wanted to go in the water. We used a river playdough mat and a takeaway tub filled with water and added gingerbread biscuits to see what would happen.  They both loved this and went through a whole box of them.

Wrapping tuff tray – oh my was this more popular than expected. I simply cut up some wrapping paper in to squares and added bows, ribbon, scissors and tape. Both Kealan and Elyse got stuck in a wrapped various toys for me and for themselves. They were pretty rubbish at it but with some help they got the toys covered and then acted truly shocked when they ripped them open to see what was inside. Hilarious.

Christmas card tuff tray – lasts years old cards, our play post box some blank cards, Christmas foam shapes, scissor and glue. Again hugely popular. Kealan must have been cutting out at school because he’s got very good at it. Elyse loved the glue stick and made lots of new cards to post in the box.

Other Christmas fun – picture, role play Christmas dinner, festive outfits

Kealans birthday – I brought a transformer cake mum had made in to school for Kealans birthday. He also got a turning 4 certificate and was very proud. When he got home he opened his presents – all transformer oreintated. That evening we went to nannys house for more presents – 4 huge hot wheels tracks. He loves them, we all do. Then we had a meal and another tasty cake.

Just a few of the pics from Kealans transformer birthday extravaganza . Click here for the full blog post..

Our family Christmas trip was to the pantomine at the Opera house, with our very own Cinderella. Kealan and Elyse were quite scared throughout the first half. Elyse sat on my lap asking to go home and Kealan squeezed Amy’s hand but starred intently. However, by the second half they were up dancing and joining in. Overall, a great night and a wonderful experience for the kids.

Nannys birthday meal and hubbie and i’s annual trip to the Christmas market.

We had our regular Christmas play date – click here for full blog post.

Christmas Eve began with baking cookies for Santa and in the afternoon we went to nannys for the kids to open their presents and dinner. Kealan enjoyed playing with a rocket he could shoot up into the air and a sheep themed game and Elyse was very pleased with a high chair and pram for bunny.  When we returned home Amy, Kealan and Elyse opened their Christmas Eve boxes, sprinkled out reindeer food and put on Christmas pj’s before putting out milk and cookies for Santa. I read the night before Christmas and managed not to cry this year!

Santa arrives – I love setting the gifts out.

Christmas Day – kealan and Elyse had been very firm about their Santa requests. Kealan – a bike and batbot and Elyse – a singing Elsa and magiclip dolls. They also got a filled stocking each from Santa. The rest of the presents were from Martin and I. Kealan got mostly transformers of course and switch and go dinos whilst Elyse got dolls and a large jack and the beanstalk toy (which was more for me than her). The wooden rocket was a joint gift and, bar Elyse stacking her Disney princess on them once, it hadn’t been looked near yet. That’s another one for me then!

Christmas meals – 4 hours after I started I served up Christmas dinner for 7 that I cooked entirely single handeldy! And it was very nice thank goodness. On Boxing Day nanny and grandad joined us for us for a simpler meal of salmon and baby potatoes.

Enjoying our Christmas gifts – Kealan has been out on his bike a few times and loves it. We’ve managed to get the captain America matching costumes on them but so far they have refused to be pirates. 

And so it’s over for another year.  Whilst it’s sad to be moving out of the Christmas fun and towards cold winter months I’m glad the fuss of Kealans party and the stress the festivities always brings is now behind me. Frees me up to stress about other things instead!

Kealan has been a very polite and pleasant boy, Elyse remains in the terrible twos and can be very stroppy. However, I am concerned about Kealans constant need for me and to be played with. He refuses to do anything alone but won’t participate in learning, crafts or puzzles which leaves me pretending to be a transformer most of the day. Elyse seems to be picking up on this and now is much less happy to play and follows me around the house like a shadow. So…(along with losing two stone of course) this New Years resolution is to attempt to refocus my children back to learning. Not necessarily flashcards and counting but more just being interested in the world around them and to engage more with their many toys. To use their imaginations and not rely so heavily on me to direct them. I also plan to put some small things in place to encourage independent care. So stay tuned to see how that all goes….

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