Winter Week

With New Year rejuvenation we recommence our learning themes.  Im aiming to stay a week ahead of Kealans preschool so that i can share my resources with them once we are done.  So, we began 2017 with Winter theme.  Kealan has just turned 4 and Elyse is a few months from 3.

I don’t have many resources for this topic but we enjoyed what we did and i was very happy with how enthusiastic both kids were to do there ‘work’.

Our set up

Although our Alice in Wonderland playroom is very beautiful it wasnt lending itself very well to school work so i added some furniture to make a reading and writing area with our old book racks repainted.  The shelves will hold our toys that will be rotated every week.  On top i will place our new display board and key items related to the topic.  I also found these great alphabet lights which can be used to spell out whatever i want – you will be seeing these a lot!

Sensory play

Our first tray of the week was a scooping and pouring tray made from blue, silver and white rice, blue and silver snowflake confetti, large white plastic snowflakes and crystals.  I gave them wooden bowls, scoops and tongs.  They played with this for ages and i was very impressed with Kealans enthusiam to practise using the tongs.  Of course these are the initial censored photos; they quickly stripped off to their underwear and rolled about in it.

A rather simple Arctic small world with foil ice, blue gravel, pebbles, a mini log cabin and our small collection of Arctic animals oh and water of course.  Just Elyse for this one and she had a ball playing with the animals in the water.  Needless to say she ended in the water with them.

Blue and clear water beads on silver foil with water.  Kealan wasnt as bothered by these as usual but as you can see Elyse got involved and used the marble run and some silicon cupcake liners to make it more fun.

Ice play.  Some blocks of ice and water colour paints.  When they had finished painting them they were very keen to melt the ice.  We sprinkled on salt and listened to the ice cracking.  I explained about using salt to grit the roads in icy weather.  They then used hot water to finish the melting process.  Frozen water beads werent as much fun as i had hoped.  We talked about the differences between the frozen beads and the normal beads but the did not defrost well and turned to mush.


Such great work done this week by both Kealan and Elyse.  Kealan did very well matching upper case and lower case letters to build the snowmen and Elyse managed some very straight cutting.  Elyse continues to struggle with recalling her shapes and Kealan is worryingly clueless about numbers.  However, i’ve really enjoyed this week and although im going to bed tired i feel like im achieving something.  Lets hope we can stick at it.


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