Space Week 1

For space week i built a basic rocket and a mission control centre.  My dad gave me some broken laptops and earphones and i used foil emergency blankets to make it shiny.

Our display shelves housed our three rockets, a star wars toy that resembles a satellite, crazisand – space edition, our magnetic shapes with a rocket picture, an orchard space jigsaw, a foam rocket launcher, a twinkle twinkle little star jigsaw, a treasure basket filled with plastic stars and planets and some space themed work books.

The space sand was great fun and kealan used his magformers to make a rocket.

We worked on some printables during the week and Elyse coloured and then read her first book – Thing in space which focussed on sight word – the.

Our new astronaut costume hasnt seen much use yet but they are warming to it.  Both Kealan and Elyse seem to have a real interest in this topic so we will carrying on for a second week.

Simple playdough mats.  Elyse is still playing with playdough at least twice a day.

Elyse was concerned that our little plastic alien didnt have a spaceship so we made some flying saucers.  I cut a circle out of the bottom of a paper bowl and once they’d painted it and another unaltered bowl i glued them together.  Elyse decorated hers with sticky crystals and i used fish wire to hang them up.

Elyse used a variety of techniques to paint paper plates – her hands mostly but also various textured brushes and marbles to make patterns.  I then cut the plates to reasonable proportions and labelled them to make a planet display.

We took a family trip to the planetarium, they saw a little show about the constellations and enjoyed the astronaut helmets.

We didnt do as much as i hoped this week due to some other projects but as both Kealan and Elyse have remained interested (and ive plans for sensory play etc) there will be a space week 2!

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