Space week 2

Kealan is 4 and Elyse is 2.

Following on from last week we had some sensory play trays, played with our space toys and coloured in our space high frequency word books.

The first tray was a space scene with black rice, star confetti, silver glitter, plastic aliens, satellites, shooting stars and black holes and our plastic .  We started by matching our plastic planets to the flashcards and some scooping and pouring.  And then it descended in to madness with both Kealan and Elyse running from the far side of the room to dive into ‘space’.  Rice and glitter everywhere but worth it to hear all the giggles.

The second tray was the surface of the moon.  I used some bumpy foam and covered it with tin foil to use to talk to elyse about gravity and why it was more bouncy on the moon.  I made moon sand from flour and vegetable oil and added black gravel, black pebbles and star sprinkles.  Our rocket, astronauts, space buggy, space flag,crater and alien were the initial props but as seen in the picture elyse added many other thing over the following couple of days.


Elyse and i went to Kealans school and read Whatever Next to both classes, we learned a simple rhyme about the earth, moon and sun and practised spinning around in orbit.  It went really well.

Space has been a great topic and i look forward to extending it next year.

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