Amy turns 15 – The Party Post

Unbelievably my eldest is now 15.  And more unbelievably she is still putting me fully in charge of her birthday parties.  No pressure.  Her last two birthdays, 13th party post and 14th party post, have been so much fun so i wanted to make sure that this one carried on the craziness.

So, i hired a hot tub and so a Hawaiian theme developed.  I planned some games and put up a few decorations.  Mum worked her cake magic and we had a wonderful evening:-

4 of Amys friend joined us for the evening and were greeted by Kealan who placed a lei over their heads and they got a glass of sparkly stuff.


Next the games began.  We split the girls into two teams, amys team of two was to be ‘helped’ by Kealan and Elyse. For our first game a member from each team had a banana on a string tied around their waist and raced to swing the banana and knock an orange along the floor.  If they got it over the line they scored one point for their team but if they managed to get it inside the hula hoop placed on the ground they got two points.  Amy managed to score two points on the very last second of her turn.

Next, we had limbo.  Very funny and the kids thought it was great that they could walk under the bar and score points.

The third game was very simple.  Roll the coconut across the floor and get it in the hula hoop.  Remarkably Kealan was the only one to manage it in one roll.


Next mum showed the girls (and Kealan) how to use a blow pipe she bought from a village in borneo during her travels.  Id set up a wall of balloon targets and points were allocated for popping one.

There was a very entertaining hula hooping contest with some interesting techniques and an impressive display from mum.

The teams them went head to head – they were given 3 oranges and a coconut and had to race to pass them to each other and then get them into a basket.  Only problem was they werent allowed to touch the fruit with their hands.

Next i placed various grass skirts, leis, sunglasses and flower bikini tops on the floor.  Teams fought over the items and had two mins to create the funniest outfits.  This was the result:-

The last activity was blindfolded makeup…on eachother.

And so the games were over, a team did win but nobody cared, its was lots of fun and food was next.  We feasted on various requested party food and then the gorgeous chocolate hot tub cake.

After some preening and many selfies the girls and the kids were ready for the hot tub.  It was brilliant.  (Kealan also fell in love with one of amys friends)

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl. XXX

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