Easter 2017

As always the kitchen and playroom were decorated for Easter with banners, bunting and the vast array of Easter cuddlies we have been gathering up.

We started our activities with and Easter tray.  Elyse really enjoyed sorting the eggs and putting them in nests.  She also wanted burrows for the bunnies so we used some small animal houses i had found in the pound shop.  She took the little bunnies in and out, fed them carrots and made them easter soup.  I gave her magical easter recipes to work on her 1 to 1 correspondence by telling her she needed 3 pink eggs, 5 scoops of green rice etc etc.

Kealan was very pleased to have found an easter egg during his easter hunt at preschool and Elyse, Amy and i joined him for his bonnet parade into town.

We had lots of trips to various parks over the easter break and an extra special family day out to a playpark and little farm.  We also had a lovely meal at a restaurant and went to the funfair.  They behaved impeccably and hubbie and i are so proud that we can take them out anywhere and they are a joy.

We had lots of lazy breakfasts in bed, met the easter bunny and had fun at a local leisure centre fun day and made easter buns.

We worked on Easter worksheets, went to the pet shop to see the bunnies and mum made a yummy bunny cake much to Elyses delight.

We got the mud kitchen back out for the summer and made lots of easter mud pies.

We made a huge banner for the Easter bunny and some signs to show him where to leave the main egg and present for each person.  We have told them that the Easter Bunny leaves the eggs whilst they eat their lunch and the more a family loves one another the more eggs he will leave.

We had all five children at home for Easter Sunday lunch and a huge egg hunt in the garden.  The Easter bunny left a merida doll and a cuddly bunny for elyse and an optimus transformer and a cuddly sheep for Kealan.  Oh and about 100 eggs.

We had a lovely Easter this year,  Kealan and Elyse are starting to play very well together and hate to be apart.  Now i just need to cultivate that for the next 15 years and hope it’ll be enough for them to always have each other.

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