Elyse turns 3

Elyse decided on another princess party this year and after much thinking and very little action i managed to pull together a Cinderella Ball at a local hotel.  With Easter approaching and many of our regular party goers having commitments it was hard to get a date to suit but eventually we agreed on one a week before her actual birthday.  This suited well as she was able to have a second family gathering at mums house and of course, another fabulous cake.

The hotel set out tables with table cloths and candelabras whilst i added place setting in gold, blue and pink.  The dining rooms we used were stunning and very befitting our theme.

The desert table was lined had gold pillow boxes filled with sweets, cinderella biscuits and cupcakes, sweets and crisps and of course a stunning cake make by mum.

The birthday present – we saved most of her presents for her birthday but we had to give her the big one on the day of her party because it fitted so well with the theme.  This Kidkraft Cinderella palace has to be seen to be appreciated.  It is very impressive and both Kealan and Elyse were stunned when they saw it but i have to admit that i think i bought it more for myself than anyone.


As our usual guy was available we had a new photographer for this party and he captured some lovely black and white images.

Gold balloons on the dance floor led to some great fun and magical pictures.

We had best dancer competitions, pass the parcel, musical statues and musical chairs all with prizes which led to much excitement (and sugar highs).

Then there was the banquet.  The hotel served up a huge amount of chicken goujons, cocktail sausages and sandwiches (we were eating the left overs for two days).

The gifts from our guests were, as always, very generous and elyse was over the moon.  In return, our guests left with playdoh sets for the boys and the girls had disney princess necklaces, hairbands, pencils, rubbers and sweets.


Some more party pics:-

A week later the party was simpler and less stressful but still very nice.  Mum made another fabulous cake, this time with a Frozen theme and Elyse was spoilt with lots more gifts.

So, my baby is 3.  Very sad that she’s growing up so fast but so exciting to see the perfect (maybe slightly evil) little girl she is becoming.

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