Spring Week 2 – flowers and sunshine

Kealan is 4.5 years and Elyse is 3 years.  We really enjoyed spring week 1 but many sunny days led to a little less focus this week.  Here’s what we did manage to get done.

Sunflower pictures – i loved this activity because it involved so many skills; painting, cutting, gluing, measuring and colouring.  The sunflowers are the same heights as Kealan and Elyse and our hope is we will be able to grow our real sunflowers to this height.

Find the seeds tray – i sliced up several fruits and vegetables and asked Kealan and Elyse to find the seeds.  This was good fun and a great opportunity for me to explain how plants and trees use fruit to transport seeds.

Spring banner – terrible drawing on my part but Elyse enjoyed painting it.

Flowers from shapes pictures – some of these turned out as intended and some ended up a bit more abstract.

Nature walks – we had a few of these.  We had a nature scavenger hunt checklist (remarkably the only thing we couldnt find was a cloud, unheard of in Northern Ireland) and gathered wild flowers.

Books and printables – we read a number of books on seeds and worked through a spring printable pack from the Measured Mom.

Fairy garden – we’ve cleared a patch of the garden (Kealan assisted with his diggers) to make a fairy garden.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Fun in the sun – another spring fair and many trips to the park.

Kealan and Elyse are really enjoying each others company and have shown a lot of interest in the plants and frogs.  Our sunflowers and beans are growing and some of our tadpoles are sprouting tiny legs, i have to say im very excited about it all.

Next week spring focus continues with bugs.


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