Spring Week 4 – Bugs

Bug week 2 carries on from last week.  Kealan is 4.5 and Elyse is 3.

Throughout the week we continued to care for our froglets, worms, sunflowers, runner beans, tomato, mint and pepper plants.  We also measured one sunflower most days and gained ants in our ant farm and grasshoppers.  At the start of the week i set up new display shelves with lots of fantastic books with matching toys.  Elyse and i enjoyed reading each of the books but with the more detailed non fiction ones i sifted out a few main points and mostly discussed the pictures with her.

This new (charity shop) table has been perfect for setting out daily activities.  This day it was ladybird numbers and A-F of Melissa and Doug alphabet matching.

Our grasshoppers were locusts that i bought from the pet shop.  £2.50 for 6, definitely the best value pets we’ve ever had.  As our tanks are now all full with other creatures a friend loaned us a wonderful big habitat for them and we have thoroughly enjoyed feeding them various food, holding them and scaring our visitors with them!

Our big picture this week was a huge hit, literally.  I put blobs of paint on paper and then drew flies on small squares of paper and placed them on top.  I then armed two very overexcited preschoolers with plastic swatters and watched as my playroom was destroyed.  Well not really but i did have a little cleaning to do, especially when they realised they could walk on it and then make paint footprints on the floor.

Our first real go at Montessori 3 part cards.  It wasnt a huge hit but she finished it.

A few of the printable activities we did.

An old favourite but this time with bugs.  I froze our sorting bugs in ice cube trays and then gave them squeeze ketchup bottles filled with hot water.  I love this activity as much as they do; i like it because i can see how much it must be strengthening their hands as they squeeze and they love the drama when i pretend the poor bugs got left out in the cold and need rescued.  We clap as each bug is released and put them on the towels to dry.

Our butterfly prints were a great opportunity to introduce the concept of symmetry and Elyse was so impressed when she opened hers, i love the expression on her face.

Simple bug cutting strips and caterpillar name puzzles.  Kealan was able to do his but elyse only managed E and L before needing help.

To complete our focus on A, B and C i put together this simple tray with letters and items with the initial sound.  Elyse is still struggling with sounding out first letters but kealan is getting it now.  Interestingly this tray has now had over 1600 repins on pinterest after 3 days which im so excited about.

We finished bug fortnight with a special bath.  I hadnt done one of these for a while and id forgotten how excited they get when they see what ive done and how much they enjoy them so ive committed to finishing each topic with one.

So that’s our bug theme finished and i have really enjoyed everything we have done.  I’m also working on some other projects – our fairy garden and a vegetable patch for the plants that are currently out growing our nature table.

We begin farm fortnight tomorrow.

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